an electric scooter can offer a good alternative to traditional transportation

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For those that want to save money, an electric scooter can offer a good alternative to traditional transportation. They use no gas, so the costs associated with that are eliminated. They are environmentally friendly and can be fun to use.

Riding a scooter will cost pennies per mile to run. With an all electric motor, they can be charged in a standard outlet. Purchasing these is much less than gas models by about 25% over the cost of gas models. The maintenance costs are also more affordable, since the motor is reliable and does not require as much work to keep it running. They also can go places that gas models cannot, which makes you able to travel more and park in places that would otherwise be unavailable, and in some cases can eliminate the cost of meters and parking.

The top speed of some models is about 60 MPH, with the average being around 30 MPH. Most models and get around 60 miles per charge at 25 MPH but they can hold two adults although you will lose some distance when doing so. Driving at higher speeds and with more weight can drop your charge to only being able to travel 20 miles before of meeting to be recharged.

This is the green choice, since there is no gas involved there are no emissions. There is no oil that has to be changed that can contaminate water supplies or needs to be handled specially and all parts are fully recyclable.

There are a number of ways that you can save money with an electric shooter. From saving on the cost of gas and maintenance to being able to save parking fees, this is a fantastic choice for those that have simple travel needs that want to protect the environment. This offers a cost effective and green way to get around town.

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electric scooter is good for people health

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The Razor Electric Scooter fulfills that childhood fantasy of a self propelled device, and in this case it’s a scooter. When you were a child how many times did you wish your bicycle would magically pedal itself, or the push go-cart you and your friends made wound some how grow a motor?

You see, when you were a child, you knew that you have to wait until at least your sixteenth birthday before you can have a crack a getting behind the wheel of a car. But, with the Razor electric scooter, you can have the taste of motorized population at a much younger age. All of a sudden instead of concentrating on peddling or pushing, you are riding along looking around at the changing scenery. You can hear the hum of the small electric motor driving you to school or the baseball field. It isn’t going to break any land speed records, but that doesn’t matter, you have broken the shackles of having to self propel yourself.

Now some may say that the Razor electric scooter just helps to add to the obesity problem in North America. Well, I have a different opinion. The electric scooter will promote much more exercise than playing video games in the basement. The electric scooter gets kids outside and exploring, interacting with their environment. Also, these scooters don’t have unlimited power supplies. It is inevitable that the battery will run out, and to keep riding the scooter you have to push it, old school style.

I initially purchased a Razor electric scooter for my 9 year old son. What I soon found out is that I liked riding the scooter too. I live less than one mile from work. On the days my son leaves his scooter at home I often ride it to work. You should have seen the look on some of my co-workers faces as I glided by them in the parking lot with the smooth whiling sound the electric motor makes.

This brings me to my next point; these electric scooters are a fantastic, fun, and environmentally way of speeding up small commutes. I have to admit, I purchased a Razor E325 Electric Scooter for my self, even with the funny looks my wife keeps giving me, I love riding it.

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The online portals offer good offers and discounts

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The Electric Motor Scooter has made its place secure amongst kids and adults. kids love to ride this scooter more than the bikes and skates. This non-polluting electric motor scooter is the perfect choice for moving around in the neighborhood. It doesn’t make noise and don’t have harmful emissions that can disturb or pollute your neighborhood. The kids proudly own this scooter and love to show it off to their friends. This sleek and stylish scooter is the ideal gift for your kid. The Electric Motor Scooters are available in various models and brands.

The Electric Motor Scooter works on chain motor mechanism and works on battery. This scooter is not just a fun element for kids but it also aids transportation. This scooter can be used as a means of transport in neighborhood. The emission free scooter can be parked in public area without any prohibition.

The Electric Motor Scooter has the best technology and does not make noise while operational. This scooter comes with auto twist accelerator and hand-operated brake. The hand-operated brake allows your kid to stop the scooter immediately without losing the balance. The Electric Scooter also comes with a detachable seat model. These scooters can be enjoyed with or without seat. Hence, you can enjoy it while sitting and standing.

This scooter may be selected based on the quality of battery and motor. There are two types of motors generally available in electric motor scooter. The one is direct drive technology motor and other is drive transfer technology motor. The Electric Motor Scooter that works on drive transfer technology motor has a chain or belt. The model must be decided as per the quality of the motor. The maintenance cost must also be taken care of before taking any decision. The low maintenance cost vehicle is ideal as the kids may use it roughly and you will find the maintenance costlier.

The Electric Scooter can be searched for at the retail market as well as the online stores. The online portals offer good offers and discounts. They may also provide free home delivery and safe online payment options for added comfort of the customer.
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Keep Safe with Kids Electric Scooters

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Kids electric scooters are a great way for your kids to have fun, keep active and gain a little bit of that all important independence.

Although they don��t travel at breakneck speed, most parents know that their children perhaps don��t always think of safety first. That��s why if you��re thinking of purchasing a kids electric scooter for your child you need to ensure that they will be safe in the event of the inevitable odd fall, scrape or tumble.

Firstly you need to make sure that if your children are going to be out on the pavements where there is traffic that they have a very good understanding of road safety. Make sure that they know how to stop, look and listen and explain to them just how dangerous it could be to be out on the road.

Your children should also be aware of pedestrians when using a kids electric scooter. Other pavement users can get very irritated by kids electric scooters whizzing past them. In addition if children aren��t careful about looking where they are going and controlling their speed that can end up having a collision. Unfortunately it��s vulnerable people such as the elderly and young children that are most likely to be affected and to get involved in a collision. So make sure that your kids are considerate and keep the needs of pedestrians in mind.

When your children use kids electric scooters they should always wear protective clothing. Most importantly this should include a helmet. It��s advisable to buy the helmet from a reputable store as then you can be sure that it will have undergone all the appropriate safety checks and be fit for purpose. However if you are not sure then simply look for the CE mark which guarantees that the helmet has been certified as safe for sale in the EU.

Your child should also wear protective wrist and knee guards to protect hands, wrists and knees. These are essential as in the event of a fall hands, wrists knees, head and face are the most likely areas of the body to be injured.

Although you may find your child complaining about having to wear protective apparel you should ensure they definitely wear it otherwise they could find themselves with a serious injury.

Lastly you need to ensure that your child wears appropriate footwear when riding kids electric scooters. In the summer particularly many children wear sandals or flip flops but these can be quite hazardous and can impede their ability to ride a scooter safely. The best footwear to choose is trainers..
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Electric scooters or electric bikes are vehicles that use electric motors for movement

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Electric scooters or electric bikes are vehicles that use electric motors for movement. The source of power here is a battery actually. As it runs on electric power, they do not emit any exhaust gases so that makes it friendly to our beloved environment.

Electric motor cycles get automatically differentiated from electric bicycles and mopeds in terms of speed. Electric mopeds are use pedaled cycles which are motorized with electric power. Electric motor cycles generate speeds of more than or at least equal to 30 miles per hour.

3 wheeled motor cycles are also available for commercial purposes. 3 wheeled motorcycles can either have 2 wheels in the front side or 2 wheels neatly fitted near the rear side of the vehicle. The braking system, exhaust and shock absorbing systems are more of less similar to gasoline based automobiles. The power and pick up is generally limited but decent enough for riding the vehicle on busy streets but electric motorcycles are not preferred where speed is the criteria.

Generally speaking, many of the electric motor run vehicles are made to carry one person at a time but there are vehicles which can accommodate 2 people as well. Battery comes with the vehicle and does get charged in 3 to 6 hours from empty position to the highest capacity. With its numerous advantages, electric scooters, electric motorcycles, electric mopeds and electric bikes are getting popular in densely populated countries like China and India apart from being popular in United States of America as well.

Higher gasoline prices also boost the overall sales of electric scooters and bikes. Talking about facts and averages, fuel costs of electric motors are one fourth of what conventional fuel run vehicles induce.

With taking recent research and development in to consideration, electric motor and battery based technology is leaping higher and higher. Many manufacturers are pumping huge money for development and related research of these electric motor run bikes (to make them practical so that they suit our daily needs effectively). Many countries and states actually encourage the use of alternate sources of energy for transportation and electric powered vehicles are leading the race.

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What if you don’t find a pink electric scooter even after searching hard?

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If you are planning to buy an electric scooter for your kids or your little girl then a pink electric scooter is the best choice for her. Girls absolutely love pink color.

This does not mean though that pink is not suitable for boys. If you search the Internet for such models, you can definitely find the one you are looking for. However pink is not an everyday color especially for vehicles. But since an electric scooter itself is an offbeat vehicle idea many manufacturers have designed such scooters.

What if you don’t find a pink electric scooter even after searching hard?

Then you can customize a one for your needs and style. You can use airbrush to paint an existing one with pink color or even use decal. Actually this gives you more freedom over the factory made electric scooter. If you don’t know how to paint a scooter on your own, there are professionals out there who can do it for you.

Car paint shops can do this job and it won’t cost you too much. This is because an electric scooter has a very minimum body area to reduce it’s self weight for easy maneuvering. Because of this the only painting job required is the main frame.

When you get it done, suddenly your electrics scooter will start looking like a new one and exciting. When your kids move around in the neighborhood, they will be news. Everyone will want to have one for his or her kids. A pink electric scooter looks stylish and glamorous and your kids will love it..
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Beer Bottle Colors: Why Brown Leads the Pack

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If you’ve ventured down to your local grocery store to peruse the beer section lately, chances are good that you’ve seen row upon row of bottles gleaming under those fluorescent lights – six-packs, 12-packs, cases and even singles. It’s also likely that you saw a predominant number of brown bottles available with a smattering of green and clear bottles tossed in. Why the color range? Why does brown dominate the world of beer bottles?

Once upon a time, beer bottles were mostly green. However, during the 1930s, scientists discovered that sunlight actually caused beer to break down and that brown glass helped to prevent this from happening. Green and clear glass did not do much to protect beer from the ravages of sunlight. Most brewers switched to brown bottles to protect their beer and make sure that it arrived at the stores as fresh as possible.

Of course, some beer makers did not make this move. You will notice that quite a few beers still come in green bottles – Heineken and Molson being two good examples of this. There is a good reason why they have stuck with green even though this glass color does not protect the beer quite as well. After World War II, European brewers found that it was more affordable to use green bottles for their beer. America was suffering from the effects of Prohibition, which reduced the number and quality of American breweries by a significant amount. Because high quality European beers were available in green bottles (and because low-quality American beer came in brown bottles), most drinkers began to equate green bottles with high quality beer. Many brewers use green bottles as a status symbol to this day.

You’ve probably also noticed that a handful of beers are bottled in clear bottles – Corona, for instance. If a beer has a low percentage of hops used in the brewing process, then sunlight does not affect it in the same way as other beers. Anything with a low hop percentage can be safely bottled in clear glass without much worry about the beer breaking down with exposure to light. That doesn’t mean that you should store them on your window shelf though.

That is it in a nut shell. Brown bottles are important for protecting the delicious brew from the ravages of sunlight. Green bottles are more a status symbol than anything else, and clear bottles really don’t do much of anything to protect your beer, but can be a sign of a low-hop beer..
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Choosing the Right Electric Scooter for Your Child

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If you are looking for an entry-level electric scooter for your child a good choice will be the Razor E100. The E100 is most suitable for kids who are 8+. This is a great way to get them off the video games and outside for a change. It is an ideal method to cruise over to their friend’s house, use as an alternative to walking to and from school or just ride around the park. The Razor E100 electric scooter is fitted with a couple rechargeable batteries which can power the scooter up to a speed or around 10 miles per hour, which is enough for them to have lots of fun without being hazardous. The rear wheel is chain driven by a high torque electric motor.

How fast you wish to travel along at is controlled easily using the twist grip type throttle. One point to mention however is that in order to get going the rider must first push off from a standing start, much like a traditional push scooter, and once you are moving at about 3 mph you can then engage the electric motor using the trigger.

A fully charged scooter will allow your child to ride continuously for somewhere in the region of 40-45 minutes before it will need to be recharged once more. If while out and about on the scooter the battery does indeed run out of juice, you can still ride the scooter home by using it like a normal push and go model. Once plugged into the mains the charging time can be anything up to 8 hours.

Other features of interest are a handy and easy to operate folding mechanism that is good for storing the scooter when not in use, transport in the trunk of your car or for the kids to be able to jump on the bus or train without taking up too much space. So if this is your child’s first scooter the razor E100 could be the ideal choice.

On the other hand Razor also has huge range of other electric scooters for you to consider as well. The majority of them are similar to the E125 but with different sized motors, however they also have a selection of scooters that are fitted with seats. One of the popular seated models is the Razor E200S electric scooter.

The Razor E200S like other electric scooters has very good 24 volt motor and pushes the top end speed to about 12 miles per hour which is just a bit more than the E125. You still get to enjoy 40 minutes worth of riding time but the charging time can be slightly longer at 8-12 hours.

The ride is very comfy thanks to the well padded seat. One of the best features of the Razor E200s is that you are able to remove the seat. This gives the rider the option to ride around standing like you would on a normal scooter, so in effect you have 2 scooters in one giving you the best of both worlds. To ensure solid stability while riding with the seat installed the E200s comes with wider tyres. This scooter can support a rider who weighs up to 100 kg which means it’s not just for kids, adult can use them too..
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Gas Powered Scooter Vs Electric Scooter

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Are you wondering if you should buy a gas powered scooter vs. Electric?

They both have their benefits; let’s go over the gas powered scooter benefits.

Gas powered scooters can travel up to 200 miles (if not more) on a 2 gallon tank. If you’re on the go all the time and do not have time to wait for a battery to charge (unless you want to buy multiple batteries but even with multiple batteries it is good to let your scooter have a break in between rides.) or drive more than 20 miles, a gas powered motor scooter will be ideal for you.

Another benefit of a gas powered motor scooter is that you can go much faster, double or triple the speed of that of an electric powered scooter. Some gas powered motor scooters can go up to 100 miles per hour and up. As to electric powered scooters being at 25 miles tops. If you want to drive on the highway or go off road a gas powered motor scooter is a must.

A gas powered scooter can carry more weight. If you want to take someone for a ride you will be able to as some gas powered scooters can carry up to 400 pounds.

Gas powered scooters are easier to fix but require more maintenance. A gas powered scooters is way more durable because of a stronger design.

There is no effect on a gas powered scooter in cold or hot temperatures. If you live in a cold area, it might be a better idea for you to get a gas powered scooter because with electric powered scooters the battery tends to be affected by colder weather.

If you are concerned about the environment, both types are extremely better for the environment. Gas powered scooter burns four times less fossil fuel than that of your average car but if you want to be 100% green then you would need to go with an electric powered scooter. If you’re looking for something in between, both gas and electric and want to wait there is talk about a hybrid motor scooter coming out.

You can see that they each have benefits. Whichever model you decide on, will save you money in gas for sure. With a gas powered scooter, you can Get 50-80 miles and up to the gallon. compare that to your car!

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Electric scooters are very economical compared to paying public transport or petrol costs

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Scooters have been around for a while. In fact it was probably some decades ago that the first scooters wereintroduced, but theyhave advanced in leaps and bounds over recent years. If you take a walk around, you will notice that a lot of adultswalk to school with their children who are on normal scootersevery morning. The good thing with the electric scooters is that for adults who are moving from one place to another regularly, it is very economical compared to paying public transport or petrol costs.

As scooters are suitable for adults and children, the electric scooters come in different types and sizes to accommodate each individual needs.TheTP scootelectric scootersare for adults only as they require a driving license or CBT training certificate before they can be used on the roads. The TP scoot does 20mph and has a 1000w motor with a 20 mile range. Other electric scooters are available which can be used off road without a license (for teens and kids also) but they are limited in the UK to 15 mph and a 250w motor. There is a stand up version available soon called “little brother” with a 20 miles range, 20 mph lithium battery, only 19 kg and 250W motor, so you will be able to use it everywhere. It will be very beautiful and nice scooter too!

With slick road tyres and the smooth twist grip throttles, electric scooters have become moreand more popular as a means of transport. On the TP scoot, the fact that the handlebars can be folded allows them to be easily stored or even taken on public transport. People can use the bus for transport up to certain point where the bus can¡¯t enter in the remote areas and then the rest is left for the electricscooter to prove its worthiness.

With theenvironmentalconservation issues taking the center stage in almost every country, having alternativeways of transportwhich will conserve the environment are essential. Having an electricIt is through such course that most people will of course use the electric scooter as a way of transport to see ifthey can at least help in one way or t scooter is another step towards zero emissions and a lower carbon footprint. And let¡¯s not forget how much fun being on an electric scooter is too!

Buying an electric scooter doesn’t need to break the bank. In fact it wouldn¡¯t take that long to retireve the money you have spent on an electric scooter, by savings on petrol and or public transport costs. It only costs 1p a mile to run a TP Scoot electric scooter. That¡¯s 20p for a full charge. Simply charge it over night. If your journey is a bit longer, pop it on the desk at work and then you¡¯ll have another 20 miles to get home on. In fact shortly there will be an upgraded battery available, which means you would have a 40 mile range, rather than the standard 20 mile range. Remember to be careful on the road and respectother road users.

And for those of you who are slightly jealous that your kid has a Electric Scooter scooter and you are pining for your long lost childhood, there are adult scooters available, for legal road use, such as the TP Scooter Electric Urban Vehicle, which has been around in Germany for about 10 years already. Take a look at TP Scoot.or legal road use, such as the TP Scooter Electric Urban Vehicle, which has been around in Germany for about 10 years already. Take a look at TP Scoot.
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